Design Consultation

At James Halls Garden Design we understand that the process of garden design is likely to be completely new to you. We want it to be clear and straightforward and so have detailed below the various steps in the process and what you can expect from us.

Client interview and brief

This is the first meeting between James Halls Garden Design and you, the client. At this meeting we will run through the client questionnaire, which you will have already completed, discussing points such as the style of the new garden, your needs and tastes and, of course, your budget.


We then take this information and put together a quote for the design. This sets out at which points in the design process we expect to receive payment for work completed to date.

Site survey

After the quote has been agreed on we will: survey the site (your garden!), take soil samples, carry out a tree survey and an appraisal of any existing features, their importance to the site and the condition they are in.

Please note that for gardens with significant changes in level or that are particularly awkward in shape or large in size, we may find it necessary to employ a site surveyor who will undertake a further survey on a separate occasion.

Linear Survey

We then draw up a linear survey plan of the site along with an appraisal and analysis.

Sketches and Form Diagrams

Sketches are then drawn showing various concepts and design ideas. We will then present these sketches to you at an arranged meeting where we will discuss the ideas presented.

Design Proposal Plan

The chosen sketch is then developed into a design proposal plan, which we will then present to you, again at an arranged meeting.

Planting Plan

A planting plan is then drawn up, which shows positioning and quantities of plants.

Contract Management

Your design may include hard landscape features such as a patio, a wall or decking requiring a contractor. We can source contractors for you, obtain quotes and help to manage their workload.


Now that the hard landscaping and groundwork has been completed the planting plan can be implemented.

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